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If you lost your password or you think someone stole it please contact using the contact form on this page, make sure you include your forum USER NAME. We will send a new password to the email that first registered the account.

Phone Number: (800) 998-1734

Office Address: 3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 3300, Houston, Texas, 77027

Sales Inquiry

Our cheat page (shop) is the best place to purchase game related products we currently support. You can only buy our products online, and all our software is digitally downloaded to your computer, so you get instant access once you purchase any product. If you have any additional questions, visit our Q&A forum.

Technical Support

Any VIP members (paid members) should ask all cheat related question in the VIP forums for the cheat you subscribed to; you can find the VIP section here. If you’re not a member yet and have a question, please ask it in our public Q&A forums. If you have an urgent matter about our site or server, use the contact form below, please.