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TKO Hacks Battlefield 1 Game Review

Built by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts, Battlefield 1 is a First-Person Shooter video game; this is the fifteenth installment in the series since Battlefield 4. The game was released across the world on October 21st, 2016 for all big gaming platforms i.e. MS Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. It has received loads of positive reviews from critics and is considered an improvement over the previous installments such as Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline. The game is directed towards the WWI theme, visuals, sound design, multiplayer modes and the single-player campaign.

Instead of a single narrative, Battlefield 1 features five short stories based on different soldiers belonging to various parts of the world throughout the conflict. What’s great about each story is they don’t try to portray heroes. It plays like an amazing mini-series with an incredible voice and text screen to depict soldier’s situation as an epilog and prolog.

What Will You Experience?
Every game chapter bears witness to the war horrors such as mangled corpses in no man’s land, soldiers making way through flamethrower to clear path for allies and the trench rats running around the world to build a sense of conditions for the players.

The game, however, does not focus entirely on these points, and it is up to you to notice these on your own to have a significant impact, this helps to render scene before you in an elegant detail. The game looks great across all the platforms, especially Xbox One to qualify as one of the best looking games on the console.

The Different Stories of BF1
Every story has a different gameplay. The first story focuses on a British crew. You are tasked with driving a tank through France including an in-depth segment behind enemy lines. The second scenario has you in the shoes of an American pilot battling hard in the skies. The third storyline is regarding the heavily armored Italian soldiers leading men to mountains.

Every story has a unique and exciting approach to making the entire experience better than before. The formula is enclosed around the traditional Battlefield multiplayer match showcasing DICE’s strength. Battlefield 1 makes everything fun to play just like a battle of Conquest by moving forward and driving back the enemy lines. DICE has taken some inspiration from the recent outings such as Star Wars Battlefront. In the Battlefield 1’s chapter two, you play a mission as a fighter pilot, influenced directly from the Battlefront’s Fighter Squadron mode with a World War 1 skin.

Multiplayer Mode
Battlefield 1 is one of the best multiplayer games and shooters of today’s generation. The credit for that apparently goes to DICE as setting it in The Great War makes each encounter as relevant as possible. Battlefield 1’s multiplayer mode features modes known to the former battlefield players such as rush and conquest. The newly included modes include war pigeons and operations. All the game modes have a specific time limit. The team who has the most points win when the time limit is up.

  • Conquest: Conquest is one of the main game modes in the Battlefield series. The mode is about controlling the different points around the map. The points increase team’s ticket count up until 1,000 if it is won by whoever fulfills the goal first. Conquest motivates squad play to be useful in gaining numerous points in the range of three to seven from the enemy team to secure the match.
  • Rush: Rush is one of the main game modes. It contains two distinct playing styles: Attack and Defense.
  • Attack: The attacker goal is about taking control of set points before using the team tickets. It gives control points allowing the team to move onto the next sector through those tickets. After an attacking team gains control points to take the last area, they win.
  • Defense: The defender’s goal is to defend control point against the enemy team. The defending team comes out victorious in case it manages to take out all the attacking team tickets.
  • Domination: Domination is similar to conquest in a small area with few control points. The game mode is fast paced and is akin to the Team Deathmatch.
  • Team Deathmatch: Team Deathmatch is a game mode for gamers interested in the shooter genre. It has no control points, and the primary goal of the game is to become the first individual in reaching the point limit when the time limit runs out.
  • War Pigeons: War Pigeons is a new game mode introduced in Battlefield 1. The game mode features two opposing teams in an attempt to capture a pigeon. After a player gets a bird, he needs to stay to write a note upon the pigeon’s leg. The team’s goal is to defend them while they are busy writing a note. When a player with a bird manages to complete the record before getting killed, they release the pigeon to gain a point. Three game points are required for winning it. The opposing team has to shoot the pigeon to deny the other team with the pigeon point.
  • Operations: Operations is the final game mode featured in Battlefield 1. Operations game mode contain elements of conquest and rush to offer players the feeling of a true war. Similar to rush mode, the players are divided into two teams: Attackers and Defenders.

Game Map
The design of the game map is stunning. It features some landmark structures which are fun to explore and enjoy. The map features castles in the corners of Suez to the idyllic palace in the Ballroom Blitz. Each map has an outstanding architecture piece which falls into pieces due to the battle.

What does BF1 Audience think?
The most important argument that people make each year is which game is better: Call of Duty or Battlefield. Both these games have become more distinct than ever. The common thing is that both are shooters. However, they both offer a different gaming experience. Call of Duty provides an instant pleasure of spawn-shoot-kill-die-repeat to come close to matching the storytelling available in the Battlefield’s multiplayer.

The Amazing Moments in Battlefield 1
The game is well designed and scripted. For instance, in Amiens, one of the Battlefield’s compact maps, you can hide behind a concrete wall to kill enemies, but you need to be aware of the enemy tanks as they can come along anytime to shoot down the entire building.

You may also experience frustrations with this chaotic format. The longer the map extends, the more scattered the enemies and allies become, this means that there are times when your character will spawn to be killed instantly, or it can be killed by an enemy tank. You will also experience moments in a game running from one flag to the next without firing a bullet to be shot in the back of the head. However, all these points are small compared to the landmark battles which makes it worth.

Battlefield Playing Tips
The Kill/Death Ratio Does Not Matter Battlefield is all about points. It is about seizing different positions and ordering teams. It includes different objectives. Just fulfill these goals, follow squad orders and not worry about death. Every character dies, but if you play hard to do your job, you will be able to contribute more to the game from 7-13 to 18-2.

  1. Target Your Enemies
    Whenever you see an enemy, mark them instantly. Use R1 on PS4, RB on Xbox One and Q on PC to mark your enemy red, this makes it easy for others to spot you and your team. Mash the button when you do not see enemies.
  2. Be a Leader
    If you are a squad leader, you need to issue orders. Just select an objective and hit the spot button, this helps to assign a point for defense and attack.
  3. Switching Fly Kits
    When individuals die on a battlefield, you take their kits and weapons. If a medic died near you, you could take their kit to add to your supplies.
  4. Aim at Enemy Points
    Battlefield is about Bullet physics. You do not fire at where an individual is, but you need to shoot at where they are going to be. Get ready for a bullet drop if you are shooting over a long distance.
  5. Get a Horse ride!
    If you desperately need ammo and have no one around to give it to you, climb on a horse and get off to get it on your own.
  6. Promotional Points
    Earning Points helps to increase your level and to raise your ranks in the game. You get “war bonds” every time you are promoted. Use this currency to get new weapons. Customize your loadout when your character spawns, this helps to buy new guns and to load them correctly.
  7. Class Leveling System
    Increase your rank in different levels by playing with them; this contributes to unlocking new weapons to buy at various quality levels. Buy them with war bonds and plan accordingly.
  8. Battlepacks are Not Good
    Battlepacks are available after a match. The RNG-based crates unlock different weapon skins. Getting a skin does not unlock a weapon. You can change skins into scrap by buying high-quality packs, but, this may not change everything!
  9. Use your Sidearm
    Pistols are useful in Battlefield 1. Use pistols in tight spaces to kill your enemy.

Battlefield 1 Game Design
The sound design is perfectly done by DICE. The little game touches offer a thrilling war experience. From diving into a trench to playing against the agonized soldiers on the battlefield, it showcases everything according to the World War 1 game storyline. Battlefield also faces a few small performance issues such as freezing or a tear in the screen when coming out of the pause menu. However, those are not game-breaking moments.

Final Verdict
DICE has built an excellent battle campaign experience without a dull filler moment. They have also decided to create a mini-series featuring many soldiers; this is something which the other game makers can take inspiration from in the future. Battlefield 1 will make you want more stories, acts of heroism, incredible and heart-wrenching moments. At the end of the day, you will wish that DICE spends more time exploring the storylines of WW1 as, despite their best efforts, there are still many war stories that are yet to be told.


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